When my son started out with Dr Cortés he was not losing his baby teeth or growing taller. Since he started using the functional appliances with Dr Cortés he has lost most of his baby teeth, has his permanent teeth coming in and grown 4-5 inches. He also had developed what he called "man boobs" and was very self-conscious. Since starting the treatment, this enlargement has also disappeared and my son no longer feels self-conscious. It has really been amazing. I am so happy we decided to work with Dr Cortés.

A. Kenvin

Finding Dr Cortés has been a life-changing event for me.  Dr. Cortés is a national expert in a ground-breaking technique using biomimetic oral appliances. I was diagnosed with Class III malocclusion exacerbated by retractive orthodontic work when I was in grade school.  This resulted in TMJ, Sleep Apnea, Small Stuffy Nasal Passageways, Posture Problems, and Headaches. This craniofacial remodeling results in a better anatomical relationship between the teeth and their surrounding structures, including the facial soft tissues and the upper airway while also enhancing craniofacial features.  I can't stress how much this is improving my life.  I am so thankful to Dr Cortés and her staff for their compassion and exceptional skills in this process.


I feel extremely fortunate to have found Dr. Cortés. I have been a patient of hers for over 12 years. When I was living in North Carolina I began an extensive search for a dentist to do major dental work. I had three criteria: 1) that the dentist had excellent education and training 2) had extensive experience and success (good recommendations!!!) and 3) had what I called the X Factor, which goes beyond education and experience. It is the ability to think outside the box. It is a talent or gift that goes beyond education and skill.

Dr. Cortés met my criteria and I discovered that she has two additional qualities that I did not consider when I was looking for a dentist. The first is that she deeply cares for her patients and does all that she can to make the dental issue a complete success. She always goes the extra mile, considering the specific tooth, the mouth, the physiology and the person, when choosing treatment modalities.  This is significant as it is increasingly becoming common knowledge that dental problems can affect the health and well–being of the patient.

Also, I very much appreciate the range of her skills and treatments. Other friends who have gone through major dental issues tell me about having to go to one dentist for one thing, another dental specialist for another, and another for other treatments. Dr. Cortés has taken care of all my dental needs. If there is a special need, she will refer patients to other specialists, but so far, she has taken care of all of my dental needs. This is important, because she knows the whole picture and can make the most appropriate decisions. It also saves a lot of time and money to not have to have see multiple dentists.

My appreciation for Dr. Cortés is not atypical. Many patients fly in to see her. I have heard many other patients also share my feelings of Thank God for Dr. Cortés!!!


Dr Martha Cortés is a brilliant practitioner – a genius diagnostician, creative, inventive, and instinctive, intuitive, and empathetic. She has become the center of my general health and healing, recommending the very best methodologies and practitioners to treat me for whatever symptoms I’ve presented throughout these past 10 years. My doctor/patient relationship with Dr Cortés is a rare and treasured life-changing experience.

Recently, the doctor made “bite tabs” for me, custom-fitted to my bite. This was in the wake of whip lash, which led to a rotated disc in my left TMJ and bulging discs in my neck, diagnosed in MRI’s of both areas. When I was seen by Dr Cortés, shortly after the whiplash, she tested me on the computer, exploring range of motion, etc. I had previously tested off the charts, but not that day. She immediately ordered the MRI’s, which I had that evening. When she saw the results, listed above, she made the bite tabs. From the start, I experienced relief from symptoms, relating to nerve discomfort/pain in my neck and jaw, as well as balance and dizziness. During the weeks that I’ve worn the bite tabs, I’ve experienced gradual and continual cessation of symptoms, and presently they are gone.