educator, multi-board certified and with years of EXPERIENCE, Dr. Cortés strives to help you sleep better, become pain free and live a healthier and energized lifestyle.

Utilizing oral appliance therapy, a non-surgical approach, we treat Sleep Breathing Disorders, as well as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder.

(Below are some of the appliances that Dr. Martha Cortés utilizes in her practice to treat the above conditions and mid-facial underdevelopment).

the dna™ appliance ("day & night appliance"):

Treating an array of conditions the DNA™ Appliance is a ground breaking device.

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"The Natural Face-Lift"

Utilizing the body's own genes and natural reactions, the appliance is designed to assist the development and functions of underlying jaw and nasal structures, in a non-surgical approach. The DNA gently remodels the inside arches of the mouth, as well as mid-facial bones, thus working to improve one's airway and assisting the remodeling of the cranial bone structures to improve airway obstruction.

Functional Benefits

  • Treats sleep breathing disorders

  • Increases duration and quality of sleep. More sleep means more energy and greater quality of life!

  • Enhances body structures that support the fascia and muscles, opening up the airway.

  • Realigns and recaptures disc to minimize pain associated with TMD.

  • Minimizes/ eliminates signs and symptoms related to bite impairments: grinding, clenching, etc.

  • Improves breathing through the nose.

Aesthetic Benefits

  • Straightens crooked teeth that resulted from inadequate jaw space

  • Re-aligns facial symmetry

  • Fully develops the teeth, oral cavity, jaws and face together, as they are intertwined components of the same system.

  • Enhances chin and cheekbone definition

  • Activates the growth mechanism in patients that have incomplete facial development.

  • Improves posture

With over 7 years of experience with the DNA™ Appliance Dr. Cortes is also the first female instructor of the appliance when it first came out.

The Vivos Appliance, used for both children and adults, is an an actively and passively worn appliance. Made of a comfortable FDA approved material, though it may seem out of place first use, the Vivos Appliance works to help establish proper oral habits and mandibular development.


Goals of the Vivos Appliance:

  • Establish nasal breathing

  • Establishe proper tongue strength, posture, swallowing and speech

  • Eliminate all bad habits (thumb sucking, tongue thrust, etc.)

  • Guide ideal growth and development of the middle and lower third of the head, including the airway

  • Facilitate the growth and development of the whole body

  • Correct any orthodontic diagnosis to a Class I with ideal overbite and overjet, with all 28 teeth in place before the age of 12

The ALF Appliance ("Alternative Lightwire Functionals"):

The ALF appliance is a discrete wire appliance that works to stimulate bone growth naturally to fix and improve one's mandibular functionality, and can in turn cause improvement in an individual's body as well. Through gentle and subtle pressure help correct and resolve the follow:

  • Improper positioning of dental arches

  • Improper mandible development or mandible underdevelopment

  • Swallowing Dysfunction

  • Speech Impediments

  • Sleep Apnea and Sleep Disorders

  • Airway constriction and breathing problems

  • Cranial Bone Realignment

  • Suboptimal posture and spinal alignment

  • TMJ Disorders

Dr. Cortés specialized in different oral appliances, as each patient’s needs are different and everyone responds differently. In addition to the appliances above, Dr. Cortés also works with:

  • Control Arch™ - by Dr. Galella

  • ASA (Aligner Sleep Appliance) - SleepArchiTx

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