Taking a Holistic Approach to oral treatment; Martha Cortés DDS cares for your general health as well as the aesthetic appearance of your smile.

Located in Manhattan, Martha Cortés DDS will help you achieve a stunning healthy smile. We have recognized the affect your oral health can have on your general well-being and are committed to caring for your needs.

Holistic Dentistry seeks to neutralize the detrimental affects oral illness and treatment can have on the entire body. Inadequate oral health can have a detrimental impact on your general well-being and has been clinically proven to heighten your risk of disease. As the body is interlinked, events which occur within the mouth will affect the rest of your body. Therefore, dentistry has the capacity to influence your every organ, gland, muscle and bone. Combining knowledge of the patient’s oral situation along with their overall well-being; enables us to resolve your condition without inflicting further health complications.

Martha Cortés DDS works tirelessly toward resolving your oral condition. We aspire to restore your mouth to its natural function whilst enhancing the appearance of your teeth.