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Martha Cortés, DDS is a general, cosmetic, biological, neuromuscular and laser dentist who sub-specializes in the treatment of sleep breathing disorders, and temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD). Her methods include non-surgical techniques to treat TMD, as well as, facial-airway-enhancement remodeling techniques designed to treat sleep apnea. A multi-boarded practitioner, Dr. Cortés also teaches osseous remodeling methods to dentists, physicians, orofacial myofunctional therapists, physical therapists, otolaryngologists, and chiropractors. In addition to being a lecturer, she is a published author who is working on her latest book designed to help people sleep well, breathe well, and live well.



  • American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine (ABDSM)
  • American Board of Craniofacial Pain (AACP)
  • American Board of Craniofacial Dental Sleep Medicine  (AACDSM)
  • American Board of Esthetic Dentistry (AAED)


  • International College of Craniomandibular Orthopedics (ICCO)


  • Las Vegas Institute (LVI)
  • International Academy for Dental Facial Aesthetics (IADFA)

Accredited Member:

  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD)


  • American Society for Dental Aesthetics (ASDA)
  • Global Foundation of Integrative Medicine (GFIM)


  • Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD)


  • New York Chapter of Cosmetic Dentistry
    • 1994
    • 2018


  • Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD)


  • Telly Award - Media 2005 - "Your Smile, Your Health" - Animation
  • Telly Award – Media 2005 – “Your Smile – Your Health” – Medical
  • World Media Festival Award 2005
  • Intermediary-globe Gold Training Medical Skills Video presented ABC Group USA

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