Jackie Muñiz

- Office Manager -


Working on the team for 12 years, Jackie brings a brilliant energy to the office everyday and is the main voice which will you come across when calling and coming in for your appointment. Jackie possesses incredible intuition and professional skill delivering great hospitality and kindness, she always makes sure every patient has the best experience possible. 

Jackie has three daughter, two of which are professional singer-songwriters, the other an incredible soccer goalie. Furthermore, Jackie is a beautiful vocalist with professional accolades.


Daisy Diaz

- Dental Assistant -

With an inviting smile Daisy has great proficiency, working as part of Dr. Cortes' team for over 20 years. While in the seat, an individual can be certain they will have a great sense of security under her watch. Daisy truly creates a relaxed atmosphere and presents great experience as a dental assistant.

A mother of two incredible children, Daisy is an phenomenal homemaker and chef.


Meily Gomez

-Dental Hygienist & Assistant -

A part of Dr. Cortes' team for 6 years, patients rave at Meily's gentle touch during her dental cleanings. With extensive training and skill she provides further depth to the office's inviting atmosphere. Just like her dental cleanings, Meily's gentle and caring personality makes anyone feel at ease.

Meily is big fan sleeping. When not catching some good Z's, she loves to read, explore and enjoys a good meal.



Michael Hojnacki

- Administrative Assistant -

A part of Dr. Cortes' team for a little over a year, Michael brings great attention and focus to the team. Michael assists Dr. Cortes with many tasks on the administrative level, as well as the office manager, with day-to-day office tasks and brings great care to the office and its patients. 

Michael is a professional musician, drummer, producer and composer, as well as co-manager, producer, drummer and musical director of artist Bianca Muñiz (Jackie Muñiz’s oldest daughter). In addition, Michael is originally from Chicago.