2 - Day Fast Track Biomimetic Oral Appliance Therapy

Expand your existing dental practice with the DNA appliance® System using the principles of epigenetic orthodontics!  You will learn how to non-surgically develop the craniofacial region, including osseous remodeling of the upper airway, which will aid in treating toward a cure for sleep apnea.

The DNA appliance® is ideal for both adults and children. It is comfortable, painless, and is only worn in the evenings and during sleep. It doesn’t involve surgery, drugs and injections. The appliance naturally works to correct tooth alignment, improve facial development and open the upper airway.

Functional Benefits

  • Treats obstructive sleep apnea

  • Increases duration and quality of sleep. More sleep means more energy and greater quality of life!

  • Enhances body structures that support the fascia and muscles, opening up the airway.

  • Realigns and recaptures disc to minimize pain associated with TMD.

  • Minimizes/ eliminates signs and symptoms related to bite impairments: grinding, clenching, etc.

Aesthetic Benefits

  • Straightens crooked teeth that resulted from inadequate jaw space

  • Re-aligns facial symmetry

  • Fully develops the teeth, oral cavity, jaws and face together, as they are intertwined components of the same system.

  • Enhances chin and cheekbone definition

  • Activates the growth mechanism in patients that have incomplete facial development.

  • Improves posture




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