We don't just focus on your teeth - we consider Your teeth and body as a whole

Biological Dentistry looks at your mouth and teeth and its connection to the body as whole without the use of heavy drugs and chemicals, because your smile and your health are one in the same.


Zirconium Implants:

Metal implants, such as titanium, can have negative effects on an individual's health. Zirconium, a metal-free ceramic based material, offers a metal free choice that is more compatible with one's body.


Formally trained by the Paracelsus Clinic in Teufen, Switzerland 19 years ago, Dr. Martha Cortés has furthered her training with the SwissBio Health Clinic's concept, remaining in today's cutting edge biological medicine for implant technology. 


Ozone Therapy:


Ozone, a colorless gas made of three oxygen atoms, is utilized to improve the body's intake of oxygen and activate the body's immune system to treatment a multitude of conditions.




Dr. Cortés is certified by The American Academy of Ozonotherapy,